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Last Update: January 27th, 2020

The Sony PS5 is an upcoming Sony PlayStation console to replace current PS4 Pro. The name is now confirmed: Sony PlayStation 5. And the official release date for the long awaited Sony PlayStation 5 is also announced, PS5 availability will be in the holiday season of 2020. So you need to enter your email below to get instantly notified when Sony PS5 is available for pre-order online:

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Sony PlayStation 5 Rumored Specs:

  • AMD 7nm RYZEN 8 core processor
  • Ray Tracing support with AMD Navi GPU
  • Launch price: $499
  • A stable 4K @ 60 FPS gaming experience
  • Fast high-end SSD storage offering huge load time and game data streaming advantages over current gen.
  • Support for current PS VR headset and likely a new set in the works
  • Physical Media support
  • Backwards Compatible with at least the PS4
  • 8K support